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Business Success Secrets

web-business-successResearch suggests that highly successful people do two things extremely well: they give themselves and their team credit where credit is due, and they relentlessly pursue improvement. CEO David Poirier of The Poirier Group a leading B2B consulting firm knows this first hand.

Mr. Poirier has made his mark in the consulting world, and is no stranger to hard work.  As a former Senior Vice President, Development & CIO of Loblaws Companies, Executive Vice President & CIO of The Hudson’s Bay Company, as well as a former CEO for a German Shipbuilding supplier, Mr. Poirier understands complex issues that companies face every day.

When he started The Poirier Group in 2005 he understood that in order to be successful he had to be able to address the issues companies have; struggles due to growth, inefficiencies and increased complexity, old processes not working anymore or worse, struggling just to stay afloat.

“By focusing on the companies needs and listening insightfully not only to management but the company as a whole, our team is able to fix the issues.” Mr. Poirier said, “and that is simply the key to our success. “

David went on to say that he does not believe in two sides of the table. “There is no us {the consultant} versus them {the company} we are one.  It is our goal to be embedded as part of the team, a seamless part of the operation as a whole and implement our core tenets and when I say ‘our’ I am referring to both the organization and The Poirier Group.”

“Companies with a growth driven need to change, as well as those in survival mode, are stretched and stressed trying to run the business and often spending excessive time in crisis mode. Like Alice in the Looking Glass world, they are running as fast as they can (or believe they can) just to stay in the same place. They are looking for three things from consultants:

•            Expertise (they don’t have or can’t free up) to get at the root cause of issues holding them back

•             Clear focus on the problem, on building the business capability/capacity and acceleration/Speed in getting to “done”

•             Creating sustainability in the improvements

The leadership has recognized that, left to their own devices, they will not succeed as well as they could with help. They will not get the right stuff done in the right time. They know they need help, now it is a question of who” says Stephen Middleton, Senior Business Development for The Poirier Group.

“The Poirier Group is different, we don’t just come in and say, “ah-ha, here is your problem, and I have just the magic bandage to fix it.” Poirier explains; “We are business improvement specialists that work with organizations to accomplish enterprise level transformation, and we can focus on targeted needs in high value, high payback areas.

In short we offer expertise, clear focus and acceleration on three core and five essential supporting fronts. In any improvement campaign, it is crucial that all fronts are driven forward in an appropriately balanced manner. We bring this capability.”

David says his focus has never been to be the “biggest; he would rather be the best!”

“The true measure of success is the success of our clients! We operate a business that is strongly values based. We are adaptive to the needs and style of billing and risk sharing, from a phased approach, to fixed cost to pay for performance; working with our clients to ensure there is a clear scope of work with clear objectives. Costs to our clients are known in advance so there are no surprises.

Our clients maintain long-term relationships over the years with us. Our belief is that our successes are based on creating a greater lifetime value for our client base, who are happy to refer others to us. To do this, we have to ensure that their success is paramount in all we do. Our success is achieved when our client recognizes the benefits of our work in their organization.”

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