Canadian superstar Shania Twain shares intimate details of her life

Canadian superstar Shania Twain shares intimate details of her life

By Marc Weisblott | Daily Brew 

Considering how she worked, lived and had a child with one of the most reclusive figures in music, it once seemed unthinkable Shania Twain would ever reveal details about ex-husband Robert John “Mutt” Lange.

She was once exposed for exaggerating her Ojibway background that inspired a stage name that meant, “I’m on my way.”

The singer, born Eileen Regina Edwards in 1965, countered she identified with the heritage of her mother’s second husband.

Yet, despite having kept a low profile during the height of her fame, does the public need to know what it’s like to be Shania?

“From This Moment On,” a memoir published this week, has delivered its share of intimate tidbits. Twain revealed she was emotionally and physically abused by that same stepfather.

And, some 15 years after a whirlwind courtship between artist and producer, Lange had an affair with Mary-Anne Thiébaud, who was Twain’s secretary, house manager and friend.

While she soaked her sorrows in five baths per day at the Switzerland estate, it turned out a new man wasn’t far away, since no one was more empathetic than that friend’s ex-husband. Twain remarried in January to Frédéric Thiébaud.

When the couple turned up in March at the Juno Awards in Toronto, where the singer was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, it was certainly novel to see her with an affectionate gent by her side.

Still, years of being a private person accentuated the impression Twain was not interested in staying in touch, regardless of how much time she dedicated to her son.

But now, Oprah Winfrey has emerged to give Twain a launch pad for a personable persona, including an OWN channel reality show about overcoming the struggles with fear that squeezed her voice box.

“I’ve trapped my own voice, and now I’ve got to unwipe all that,” Twain told Winfrey about living with a condition called dysphonia. “I really can’t imagine not singing again.”

The difference today, in the age of social media, is a singer’s celebrity is never measured by how their records are produced.

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