Jake Roberts, C.N.N.

Wouldn’t it be great if all CEO’s made a point of getting personal with people?

From what I’ve seen the average CEO sits in their office slash throne and rules their kingdom with electronic gadgets and widgets, their idea of getting personal is a business meeting, email or telephone call. HEAVEN help them if an error happens, GOODNESS no, they can’t talk about what goes wrong, and NEVER EVER talk about your personal life.

The average CEO is a cold ruling figurehead. An icon that is human-like. It eats and breathes like humans but are more robotic and calculated.

Than just when you think this is normal, accepted as what should be right, along comes a rebel, a……….a TILLY.

Yes, I will freely admit that Tilly Rivers is a good friend of mine. A friend that is under the gun regarding her unconventional, unprofessional ways. And when she reads this I know she will smile and say; “again?” and add her signature ~giggles~ for good measure.

Why is Tilly being criticized? Apparently her personal blog on Yahoo Pulse is UNprofessional and ‘shocking’. She curses, she has the odd typo, and writes, oh horror of horrors, about FEELINGS.

Her daily Yahoo Pulse blog is funny, intelligent, laced with feelings and great advice. Isn’t this what you would want a CEO to be? REAL?  Personally I vote yes.  As a matter of fact I’d take it one step further and suggest that ALL CEO’s write a personal blog, show the world who you are instead of being that untouchable robot that rules from Mount Olympus. Face it, you’re NO Zeus, you’re just a person. People do business with People!

To read Tilly’s daily Yahoo pulse blog visit:


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