The Beer Store: Social Media Marketing Genius’s?

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Jake Roberts, C.N.N.

The Beer Store: Social Media Marketing Genius’s?

The Beer Store Facebook Page Quote; “… of all the companies I “like” on FB, this one is the most entertaining, educational and responsive. The Beer Store understands the Web 2.0 space. “

Toronto (ON)- Who ever the mystery lady is behind the scenes on “The Beer Store”  Facebook page recently must be one of the best social media experts out there.

The page is fun, interactive and filled with tidbits of trivia, quotes, and good cheer. The ‘members’ of the page, in fact have been adding trivia questions for The Beer Store to answer, challenging the mystery woman’s beer knowledge.

As the quote above states, their page is filled with education and entertainment. The best part is that ‘the beer store’ person talks with the members, encourages their feedback and participation. She has become a ‘friend” a lively and fun personality that we all want to ‘play’ with.

Hiring a female to do the social media marketing for The Beer Store, was pure genius, showing the world that women enjoy beer, maybe not in the same way as the guys do, but enjoy, and have fun with, just the same.

Kudos Beer Store, you have made a  ‘happy place’ for all us beer drinkers.


To join the fun, go to:


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2 thoughts on “The Beer Store: Social Media Marketing Genius’s?

  1. whataboutbeer 07/10/2011 at 7:18 pm Reply

    what a load of crap. the beer store is a failing company. i worked there for years. i know.

    • canadanewsnow 07/10/2011 at 10:36 pm Reply

      That seems to be the case of late. I have had this reported before, that they do not care about their employees, we will be doing a new posting soon.

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