Nick Rose to be last artist to paint “Tilly Rivers”

Canada News Now

Jake Roberts

Toronto (ON)- For Immediate Release


December 2010- I have been following Tilly Rivers on Facebook now for awhile, most are, we are all keen to discover what will be next for the international super-star. Rivers has been posting daily to a blog on Yahoo pulse, calling it “Operation Change.” Interesting posts, like the woman herself, layers of mystery and a sensual essence, you can not help but want more.Of course my opinion is tainted, having the pleasure of knowing her personally.

If you have been following Tilly, you will know that she has let artist Nick Rose use her in some of his paintings, such as “The Dragon Mistress” which is almost complete, but what you may not know is that these will be the last time she is going to model.  How Nick managed to get Rivers to model for him is a mystery.

Nick is a USA boy who lives in Michigan State, he was trained under Master Daniel Horne, his art is described as dark, the painting of Rivers in “The Dragon Mistress” however is far from it, like the lady, it is both sexy and masterful. At this time, I am unsure how much, I am assuming must be limited edition prints, will be sold for, but if Nick is smart he will price them higher than his normal works as he has the bragging rights of being the last one that Rivers has modeled for!

If you would like to check out Roses’ works, go to: or



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