Photographers are pissed with Tilly Rivers


November 2010- International News

For Immediate Release

J. Maxwell

Photographers are pissed with Tilly Rivers


(NY)- Since the announcement this month that Author/Model “Tilly Rivers” is no longer modelling, some photographers have been smiling, and counting the rubies they were planning on charging for prints with Rivers as the main model, that is, until Rivers started posting them on Facebook, and her blogs, for free!

Tilly Rivers

The problem is, for all their grumblings, they can not do anything about it. Rivers always made sure that before she stepped in front of the camera she had shared creative rights, meaning, she owns 50% of copyright of all photos, so she has the right to post them where ever she wants!

Not only does Rivers own 50% of the rights, but she had final approval of all pictures, and if she did not like one?  It was destroyed. Can you say “Spoiled Diva?”

The photographers I interviewed have asked that their names not be released, however, they are miffed that people can just copy/paste  pictures of Tilly off the internet.

“I do not understand why” one photographer said, ‘she would be getting a royalty cheque for any of the purchases.’

Maybe the ‘Universal love hippie’ has decided she does not need the cash flow? Must be nice!

One thing for sure, Rivers, no matter what she does seems to be the modern day female version of ‘Midas.’ No male, or female for that matter would deny that she is beautiful, but in my world beautiful usually means shallow and self centered.

Apparently, according to the internet, artist Nick Rose will be painting Ms. Rivers. Rose’s works are a touch to dark for me, but I will admit talent when I see it, and Rose has a unique style about him that captures the viewer. One has to wonder though, how much he is paying Rivers for the privilege of using her in his future paintings?

The life and times of the rich and famous eh?



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