Horror Novelist C.A. Milson Strikes Deal With U.S. Based EDGE Publishing Company

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Horror Novelist C.A. Milson Strikes Deal With U.S. Based EDGE Publishing Company

By Amanda Clark

Dated: Feb 28, 2010

Horror Novelist C.A. Milson Strikes a Deal to Publishing his work “The Chosen: Rise of the Darkness”

with U.S.-based publisher, EDGE Publishing Company.

The road to writing success for any author can be a difficult and arduous journey, however, Australian

native, C.A. Milson, is looking forward to having a partner in his future endeavours. After years of working

in the industry alone, he is now happy to say that his hard work has started to pay off. Milson’s book, “The

Chosen: Rise of the Darkness,” first in a horror series now has the true opportunity to succeed. Milson just

signed with U.S. based publisher, EDGE Publishing Company.

“I have been working on my writing for years, but being international and a self publisher, it can be

difficult to get your books on the shelf in many of the large U.S. chains, I knew I needed a traditional

publisher to help me,” stated Milson. “I am so excited to be an EDGE author.”

EDGE Publishing Company, through the direction of President, Phillip Vera, specializes in working with

authors who are looking for a way to cut through the bureaucratic red-tape and “hoop jumping” of the

publishing industry. “When I first read Chris’s story, I realized he was a great writer with a unique story

and I wanted to be a part of it. This book deserves to be in print,” stated Vera. “I am looking forward to a

long relationship with Chris and I can’t wait to promote his work.”

Furthermore, there are other big things in the works. EDGE Publishing Company recently signed an

agreement with C.A. Link, a Chinese Literary Agency based in Minnesota, specifically for Milson’s work.

This agreement will allow Milson’s books to be marketed and sold to the Asian market.

“I was so excited when I learned about the deal with C.A. Link, because I had been approached by them,

but I couldn’t do anything because I wasn’t with a traditional publishing house. EDGE changed that and

now billions of people might have the opportunity to read my work,” stated Milson excitedly.

Milson has been the recipient of numerous awards including placing in the Pre-editors & Editors Readers

Poll in 2008 and working through deals to turn his book into a comic, a video game, an audio-book and an


“Chris has a fantastic product and he is an incredible writer. It’s great that he is able to get more exposure

and audiences around the world are going to be able to see his work in stores,” stated Milson’s agent,

Amanda Clark of Charlotte, North Carolina based, Grammar Chic, Inc. “We are looking forward to getting

his books on shelves very soon.”

EDGE Publishing Company is located at: 8939 Sweetbriar St., Manassas, VA 20110. You can reach the

staff at EDGE Publishing Company by calling: 703-337-4780. President Phillip Vera can be reached by

email at: pvera@edgepublishingcompany.com. EDGE Publishing Company is online at


C.A. Milson, through Grammar Chic, Inc., can be reached online at http://www.authorcamilson.com or at


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