Plain Talk: Author Corey Washington

According to Expert: “Plain Talk” Can Resolve a Lot of the World’s Racial Problems

Plain Talk – Volume 1”

The Explosive New Book from Author Corey Washington

Atlanta, GA – John Mayer would have greatly benefited from this book!!  You don’t have to be famous to benefit from this book!  From author Corey Washington comes an honest and direct discussion on one of the most controversial topics and sensitive issues in society. Plain Talk — Volume I is designed to open candid conversations about race, racism, stereotypes and other related subjects. Besides definitions, descriptions, explanations and dialogues, this book also includes vivid examples from a wide range of time periods.

This multifaceted book covers various topics on race like racial slurs, methods that racists use to denigrate people, stereotypes, events that have shown the polarization of races, differing views of black and white society, famous incidents involving race, and other social musings. A number of valid examples are given throughout the book to give readers a mental picture of the points that the author is trying to make.

Specific Topics of Interest to the World Community:

Rodney King / O.J./ Tawana Brawley / Duke Lacrosse / Willie Horton / Susan Smith / Ct. Firemen (Sonia Sotomayor) / Prof. Gates vs. Ofc. Crowley (Beer Summit) / Mike Vick / Taylor Swift & Kanye West / Serena Williams (U.S. Open Incident-Record Fine) & much more.

With the election of Barack Obama, many thought we were entering a post-racial era.  This has been far from the truth!  We have seen incident after incident concerning race.  Many of these situations have seemed non-racial to many, but without an honest discussion on the underlying roots of racism, we will continue to teach our children the same stereotypes and racist ways of thinking.  Please, let’s stop this vicious cycle by not shying away from the subject of race!

About the Author

Corey Washington is a veteran middle school social studies teacher currently teaching in Georgia. He holds both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Middle Grades Education from Augusta State University.Website for book:

Corey Washington

NOTE: This press release belongs to the author, and is not necessarily the opinion of C.N.N. (Canada News Now) or their associates. C.N.N. is not responsible for any liability due to this press release.


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