A Few Cold Ones

A Few Cold Ones

C.N.N. Reporting

VANCOUVER, (B.C.) – President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Stephen Harper had a friendly beat about who would be taking home the gold at the 2010 Olympic games. The bet: a few cold ones.
Team Canada came out on top to the loud cheering, of not just the audience, or the streets of Vancouver but the entire nation!

So what will Obama be picking up?  a 24- of Molson Canadian for the prime minister. Harper would have had to buy Obama a case of Yuengling beer if the U.S. had taken the top honour at the tournament.
Both teams played an outstanding game {both times}, and I am sure this will be written about in history books, and retold over and over among friends at the kitchen table for many years to come!
Harper was at the game in Vancouver but Obama did not make an appearance at the Olympics. The prime minister met with the gold medal winners in the locker room after the game to congratulate them.
Now it is our turn, from all of us at C.N.N. : Congratulations Team Canada, well done! Today and at least for the next four years you will hear the chants, and see the signs held high “Hockey is Canada’s Game!”


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