Adsense and Tilly Rivers

Adsense and Tilly Rivers
No Stopping Her

Jerry Clark, Canada News Now

January 2010-(Toronto, ON)—Google has created a great program for advertisers, and blog users alike called “Adsense.” The benefit for the blogger is making extra money by having advertisements posted on their blog. The benefit for the advertiser is high exposure and sales.

Most of us go thorough the normal process of applying; be it adding your company ad, (getting attention and exposure) or wanting ads on your blog or website content in the hopes of enough ‘click-through’ to make an extra dollar or two. Google has created a great system for both advertiser and end user.

The only way to make true revenue however, is if your blog is ‘high-traffic’ or a hot spot! In layman’s terms; lots of visitors! What deems a ‘hot spot’? Apparently it is the woman, and/or name “Tilly Rivers!”

In a recent telephone interview, I had an opportunity to speak with Tilly. She is passionate, vibrant, and her energy is contagious. Tilly has an ability to make you ‘believe’ anything is possible, and as the saying goes; ’proof is in the pudding,’ this girl has proven it over and over! Success after success, from her humble beginnings as a free-lance writer to a celebrity author, radio-host, model and currently the owner of Main Street Magazine, Rivers is not smoke and mirrors.

My intent, going into this interview was to be a hard-ass. I was not swayed by the other interviews, glowing reviews and idealistic fans; I wanted to expose the ‘real’ Tilly Rivers, when I discovered that Google had ‘requests’ from advertisers specifically asking to be put on Tilly’s blog spots I had to know what the big deal was.

The girl, or rather woman, is a ray of sunshine is a world raining gloom. She refuses to believe in limitations, and questions every rule. Why? “That is the question isn’t it?” Tilly says, “Why?’ her tone increased in her excitement, “Why not question, why not improve, why not believe? Everything in this world began as a thought, a creative idea. Each item we hold, was someone’s ‘invention’. Why do we let fear hold us back? Why should be ashamed if we scored 1% on an exam? Are we not now one percent smarter than we were going in?! It is only one degree that makes the difference between boiling water and simmering water! Trying is the key. Letting go of what others might say, judgements, or false impressions of failure hold back so many back- that is sad! Just imagine a world that has increased for the better by only one percent!”

I asked Tilly what gives her the courage to step forward, win, loose or draw. “First Jerry” she says; “there is no loose or draw. When you take the time to look back and connect the dots, you will be amazed, each step in time takes you along a wondrous path, even in the greatness sadness and hurt you learn, become stronger, better. Some of us are wise enough to help others, speak up, and say, it is okay, you are not alone, do not be scared because of what you went through, and the orgasmic feeling we receive from doing so almost makes up for the pain!

When you believe in the Universal power, in you, nothing can stop you. Our enemy is fear, our enemy is embarrassment: fu*k that! Laughter can never be harmful- go ahead laugh, go ahead scorn, go ahead judge, in the end, I will be the one to cross the finish line, while the ones throwing judgement are still in the masses, the crowd, wondering what could be, and never touching the reality!”

And so, dear readers; I, like you, have discovered what the ‘deal” is. Google perhaps knew only the requests, saw only the ‘hot spot’, I discovered so much more. I can only hope you, my reader, did as well.

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